We have worked with the teams at Legal Direct twice over that last two years and they always been very helpful, friendly and professional. They worked very hard to steer us around the various processes and to arrange what we needed for our financial wellbeing. Highly recommended!.

- John A

In uncertain times it’s very difficult to create the typical rapport when needing legal advisement. This teams efforts to work professionally, promptly and most of all while keeping remote was such a great experience. My family and I felt in good hands from the beginning .

- Jessica C

I would highly recommend Legal Direct to anyone looking for legal services. I used Legal Direct for my real estate transaction and the whole process was incredible. Bob and his team are highly knowledgeable and were very transparent the entire time we were working with them.

- Kim G

It was a pleasure working with Legal Direct staff. They are very helpful and friendly. They made the whole process very simple with explanations and were open to any questions. They also completed the transaction in a very timely manner. Thanks Legal Direct.

- Barry L

Thank you for your excellent assistance in bringing this transaction to a positive close. I would be proud to refer anyone to your firm for professional and truly empathetic service.

- Elizabeth L

Legal direct took convenience and professionalism to another level when dealing with my legal matter in my Mortgage transaction.Every decision I made was informed and dealt with in a timely manner. They are a multidisciplinary team and very communicative and approachable. If anyone needs stress free legal assistance contact Legal Direct.

- Vez B

I had the best experience with the Legal Direct team. They have been so helpful throughout the process by responding quickly, following through with my Solicitor, giving updates and answering any queries I had. I have complete peace of mind with my finances. I definitely 100% recommend them to anyone!

- Nancy P