Our governing body, The Law Society, has developed the Rules of Professional Conduct and we adhere to these rules under all circumstances for every client's protection.

Moreover, our aim is to excel and go beyond the client’s expectations to ensure a top quality service. We are professional, practical and very innovative in providing advice and legal solutions. Our strategy for every case is to understand the client’s needs, the results they desire, and what to expect from our services.

We advise our clients with integrity, ethical standards and focus, providing regular updates to our clients throughout the entire process of transaction. We know what would satisfy our clients and we go beyond their expectations to provide that.

Our Mortgage Lawyer Team

Our mortgage lawyer team is equipped with practical skills and experience, full knowledge about the nature of services we provide and they possess excellent skills to fulfill client needs. Every client is different and they deal with them accordingly.

Our Managing Partner is a qualified Canadian Lawyer, English Lawyer, Ontario Mediator, and Notary Public with over 20 years legal experience. He stays fully focused on providing a first class delivery of services, is actively involved in every transaction and the overall management of workflow for the firm.


We ensure that our private mortgage lawyers are instructed on cases in which we have absolute expertise and knowledge. Due to this strategy clients always receive excellent service and the advantage of our years of experience. Our clients include individuals, start-up companies and even large corporate entities. We take care of their needs according to their specific requirements.


Mediation is a delicate matter and it always requires an expert to handle the case. We are registered under the ADR Institute of Canada for the provision of mediation services.

Notary Public

We have our regulated Notary Public for the purpose of signing a document before them at economical rates. Please call, email us or see our website www.notarydirect.ca

Notary Public