Author: Nathalie Siah


As a fairly experienced qualified lawyer, I have worked and trained many young professionals – lawyers,  law clerks, paralegals and administrative assistants. Job hunting and working in a new environment that you are unfamiliar with may seem daunting. However, with a bit of insight of what employers may be looking for, you’ll be able to begin your journey more confidently.


There are many characteristics to strive toward as a young professional. However here are my top five:


1) Timeliness

It may be redundant to say but timeliness is important in a work environment. Every young professional should ensure that they are at work on time or a few minutes early. It signals to your colleagues that you care about your job, are a team player, responsible and are prepared to begin the day on time.


2) Willingness to Try New Tasks

When beginning a new position, it is often a steep learning curve. Do not be afraid to give new tasks a try at least once before asking additional questions. You may be surprised with yourself at how much you can accomplish with your new workload! There’s a lot of information available by reviewing precedents or reading old files that often are available to you.


3) Taking Initiative

Don’t be afraid to take initiative in beginning/leading new projects. These projects may begin small, like suggesting options for lunch, or conducting research for software. Taking the lead on these tasks show you are ready to take on a larger role in the firm, improve the firm for the future and reflects positively overall.


4) Attention to Detail

When you begin your career, you may start out with basic tasks like data entry or administrative work. All roles require attention to detail, are important and with these skills on board, growth, a wider range of work and more responsibility will naturally follow.


5) Positive Attitude

Being positive is an asset in any learning or work environment. It’ll be a great chance to get to know your colleagues whilst learning and show you are approachable. It is always a good idea to showcase your best side, be friendly and helpful when meeting new people or trying new tasks.


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