About Our Mortgage Refinancing Legal Services

  • Over the last 25 years we have built an award winning and market leading real estate law firm in England which deals with thousands of transactions every year and is still a top tier UK law firm. We now provide that same best in class service to Clients and mortgage brokers in Canada.

  • 4 Locations, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Ottawa, Vancouver.

  • Remote mobile signings, at no charge within 1-hour radius of any of our locations.

  • Flexible hours including evening and weekend appointments to accommodate client specific needs.

  • Multi-lingual. We can offer services in hundreds of languages through our connections with a global translating firm to meet the diversity of our population.

  • High level relationship with private lenders and their lawyers so we may represent borrowers who obtain funding through this source.

  • Dynamic, customer service orientated firm to deliver first class service.

  • Law Society Statistic: Over 80% of complaints arise from poor communication between the Lawyer and the Client/3rd party. We have a service level standard to respond to any correspondence within 1 business day.

  • Contact clients within 1 business day of mortgage offer instructions to sign the mortgage documents ASAP.

  • Aim to meet with the Client within 48 hours of instruction.

  • Team environment so everyone can move the file along.

  • Correspondence by email, phone and text, not fax, for greater efficiency and speed.

  • We don't charge for incidental/hidden costs such as faxes and storage fees. We believe these costs are part of our operating costs, not disbursements to be charged to our mutual Client.

  • Pay Client credit card payouts etc. at the bank not via mail for quicker payment.

  • Direct deposit Client funds so they need not wait for net funds.

  • Direct deposit broker fees so they need not wait for their fee.

  • Appointed regional panelist for HomeEquity Bank CHIP products for GTA.

  • We are a panel firm for all the major banks.

An Overview of Our Mortgage & Refinancing Legal Process

  1. You provide us with details of any outstanding/relevant information to your transaction. We appreciate that you may have already given some of this information to your lender and mortgage broker, however, we would like to ensure that we are acting upon the correct information;

  2. We conduct land registry title searches etc., to check ownership of the property and details of any charges against the property;

  3. We write to any current lender for a redemption figure asking how much is outstanding on any existing mortgage;

  4. We receive your new mortgage offer from your new lender and prepare for our meeting with you to go through the legal documents;

  5. We deal with any conditions that arise from your mortgage offer;

  6. To complete the transaction, we shall require:

    • Your identification;

    • Confirmation of the exact amount outstanding on any mortgages;

    • Fulfilling any mortgage conditions from your new offer;

    • Any other relevant documents;

    • Clear title searches.

  7. On closing/completion, we will then take the following steps:

  8. We redeem the amount outstanding with your old lender and request that the old lender provide a formal receipt, called a discharge, to confirm they have been paid off.

  9. We shall make any other payments required as part of the mortgage conditions, e.g. paying any credit cards.

  10. Any surplus money leftover and due to you is directly deposited into your bank account.

  11. Registration of the discharge of your old mortgage is processed with the Land Registry using the legal receipt from your old lender.

  12. Legal Advice
Contact us for Mortgage Refinancing Legal Services

Please email us at info@legaldirect.ca to send us your residential real estate instruction and to be part of a new type of way we deliver legal services for the benefit of you.