Author: Sabrina Rosa


This year, Earth Day takes place on April 22nd. Earth Day has been celebrated around the world for over 50 years. People join in to promote mindfulness for the health of our environment. Earth Day raises awareness to protect the Earth’s natural resources for future generations.


Today, Earth Day brings over 20,000 organizations in over 190 countries in its support. Earth Day began in the United States in 1970, but only began getting recognition world-wide in 1990.


Earth Day focuses on education surrounding climate change and plastic pollution. These are the top two largest causes toward the environmental crises worldwide. Plastic usually ends up in landfills after it is thrown away. By eliminating plastic, 1/3 of carbon discharges are reduced from plastic pollution. Another way to decrease plastic use is to invest in plastic alternatives or to start supporting different plastic policies. Plastic bans are already in affect globally, and the public has taken to different packaging options, using reusable grocery bags, and gaining a better understanding of brand consciousness.


Earth Day celebrations have grown over the decades. Earth Day Network is a non-for-profit organization that coordinates activities that support the initiatives of Earth Day. If you’re looking for ways to get involved in day-to-day activities that make a huge impact, here are some activities that you can get started with:


          Commute Different: Carpool instead of driving, take public transit, ride a bike or even walk

          Recycle parts of your wardrobe: Shopping is not the best for the environment, but if you are shopping either thrift clothing or online shop

          Switch your diet: Food production accounts for one-quarter to one-third of greenhouse gas releases around the world. You can also transition to a more vegetarian or vegan diet

          Remove Waste: Help by cleaning up at the local park by picking up trash or plastic and putting it in a bag

          Change your Products: You can swap out your household products. You can use aluminum foil or toxic-free parchment paper and use compostable bags

          Plant a tree: Trees bring more insects and birds and improve the environment


There are many organizations that support the initiatives of Earth Day. Want to help? You can donate to one of these non-profits. We’d like to focus on these few organizations:


World Wildlife Fund (WWF[NS1] ) is well known and has been around for over 60 years. This is the world’s leading conservation organization working with 100 countries. What this organization mainly does is collaborate with people around. d the world to develop solutions to protect communities and wildlife. WWF work is focused on climate, food, forests, freshwater, oceans, and wildlife. Link is here


The David Suzuki Foundation is also well known. The foundation works to protect the natural environment and help make Canada more sustainable. This foundation works hard on collaborating with non-profit organizations. The David Suzuki foundation allows people to take action in different communities with environmental challenges. Website is listed here


There are many green sector companies in Toronto that support Earth Day as green initiatives as well. A few companies we’d like to highlight are:


Ecobee improves daily life while making the world more sustainable. This company makes smart home solutions that protect the planet. One of their products is a smart thermostat that can save you money on your bills and reduces energy inefficiencies by giving you more control over the temperature. In 2019, Ecobee created eco+. This is the latest software that carries greater energy savings. Check out Ecobee here


Generac Grid Services as well is a company that delivers energy management technology to get more energy out of the grid. The software makes it easy to optimize energy performance. This company combines their platform with an extensive ecosystem of devices to certify the maximum power of energy resources. Find out about their services


Our team at Legal Direct takes Earth Day incredibly seriously and supports green initiatives. We do this by minimizing our waste by recycling, maintaining digital platforms which modernizes the legal profession but also reduces the volume of paper that goes wasted. We offer all meetings online to sign using valid electronic means. Give us a call at 905 787 2296 or e-mail us at to learn more about what we do to support our planet.