Since the start of the pandemic, law firms and other businesses have moved towards a more electronic-based way of working. Signing documents has become convenient with software such as DocuSign. DocuSign is one of the most popular and a reason why we use it at LegalDirect. You’ll never have to pick up a pen again!

DocuSign in short is an electronic signing service. This is a simple and convenient way for parties to sign documents without the need to send papers back and forth. DocuSign can be accessed with your smart phone/device or computer.

Do I need to pay for DocuSign?

When meeting with LegalDirect you do not need to pay to use DocuSign, we bear the cost of the software.

Can I draw my signature on DocuSign?

If you prefer drawing your own signature, DocuSign allows you to draw your signature or initial using your finger, mouse or stylus!

If you want an even more electronic process, there is also an option to use a pre-fabricated font created by the software for you to choose from, which is just as acceptable.

How do I get these documents to sign?

An email link for the documents will be sent by us to you enabling you to access this service, you do not require an account or software payment to sign with us.

DocuSign can be used from anywhere and anytime. An email will be sent to you with a link. All you do is click the link, follow the short signing in process and the documents will appear for signing.

Is DocuSign truly a valid way of signing?

These electronic signatures are legally binding all over the world. According to the Law Society of Ontario, lawyers may meet and sign documents through video. For more information regarding Law Society guidelines read here.

At LegalDirect, we use DocuSign as the main platform to sign documents with our clients however we have several other options to sign and meet with us.

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