Enjoy little things

Author: Nathalie Siah


As almost two years has come to pass since the start of COVID-19, there seems to be a slow and steady change from the isolation and take-out days in our home.


What are the learning lessons of the past year, and what should we look forward to in 2022? I’ve been reflecting on this myself as I look at the accomplishments in the last year.


1) Booster Shots


When there was no initial answer for tackling Covid-19, the world then found a vaccine. With the booster shot now in place, and becoming available, I have been feeling more positively about 2022 about going out and being with people once again.


2) Set New Goals, Not Resolutions


Unrealistic resolutions have not been the way! I have been setting smaller sizable goals in order to feel accomplished and keep motivated throughout. At work as well as my personal life, achievable goals have been making our milestones more attainable.


3) Get Closer with Friends and Family


Due to the pandemic, I felt a lot of time was spent by myself without the support and contact with loved ones nearby. This year I have decided to work on ensuring that I reach out more to those that have felt isolated from during this time. Just a phone call or e-mail can go a long way. I know that I’ve appreciated that call from a friend!


4) Make Full Use of Technology


There are many new innovations in the legal technology world that make processes more streamlined and much more efficient. I will be ensuring that in the coming year to use and share technology to the best of my ability so that the legal profession becomes more modernized.


5) Take Care of Yourself


It has become more commonplace to talk about mental health and wellness. This upcoming year I will be making time for myself in the day to ensure I get a chance to step away from the desk. Legal professionals are often inundated with a heavy workload, and we need to take steps to achieve that work-life balance.


Here’s to 2022 and looking ahead to better if not different days ahead!


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