Since the pandemic has begun, working from home has become more common. Pyjama bottoms, webcams and coffee stains are plenty.


Here are 5 tips for working from home to keep yourself working efficiently during these unprecedented times.


1.       Dress like you’re working


Everyday is the same when you’re living in your pyjamas. Take pride in your appearance and dress as if it is a normal day at the office. By keeping up with your outerwear, you’ll be in the mindset to work!.


2.       Separate your living and working space


Not everyone may have the luxury of having an office space at their home. By keeping a delegated workspace, such as a desk or even a separate device, you’ll be able to physically divide what space you’d like to use for work and for personal use.


3.       Set up a Separate Office Number


At the office there is generally a different phone line/landline to take calls. Switch out your personal phone for a work cell phone if available.

There are many alternatives as well for phone lines. Try using a softphone or VOIP service such as Skype or Google Voice.


4.       Maintain regular hours


So, you’re on your computer to work but you don’t commute – how do you leave work? Easy access to work allows for over-extended hours in a workday. Ensure that you set proper boundaries in your life to ensure that you are productive in your day but also take the time to rest. Breaks are encouraged!


5.       Stay Positive


Being away from your colleagues, friends and families is difficult on a long-term basis. Try to stay positive, join in those Zoom calls and share your experiences! A little goes a long way.